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“Thank you for making my home feel like a home.” – Matt Kemp, Los Angeles Dodgers CF

“The best designed house I’ve seen, period!”  – Simon Cowell, talking about 9342 Sierra Mar

“Mike’s the guy that suffers for his art. If the details are not right he is literally in pain. He sticks to his vision, so that it coincides with the desires of the client. He is pure. He will move mountains to make it happen. I’ve seen him do it.”
– David Brownlow of Brownlow+Chen

“Michael’s designs are what you think of when you are imagining your dream home”  – Mats Sundin

“Always impress with Mike’s work. He is easy to work with because he’s very creative and appreciates collaborative design. He always allows the people that he goes to be the experts they are.”  – Paul Bynum of Window Collections

“Why would you want to sell your beautiful houses?”  ”Stunning work”  – Selma Hayek

“Mike is easy going and so clear about what he wants. He has a really great sense of style and walks in with a vision. We always refer him for other projects.”  – Patricia Degasperi of Soli USA

“Romantic, contemporary and warm, exquisite taste”  – Milla Jovovich

“He’s incredibly loyal as a person and uncompromising in his integrity to his work. At the same time he doesn’t let it paralyze him. We love to work with him. We have a design shorthand with him.”  – Yeu-jye Chen of Brownlow + Chen
“Mike is a design genius. He’s creativity, attention to detail and vision are unmatched. I would work with Mike again because he is someone I trust to do the job right and beyond my expectations.”  – Greg Penske President/CEO of Penske Motor Group

“Mike brings a wealth of creativity and sophistication to his projects. He thinks through your objectives, refines them, brings the right resources to bear and creates a stylish and sensible result. Plus he is very easy to work with and reliable.”  – Mitchell S. Cohen Attorney

“Palumbo Design homes ooze sex appeal!”  – Kamora Lee Simmons

“Mike does a fabulous job in setting the tone and gaining vision. He’s got a great aesthetic and it aligns to mine. He’s the best at what he does.”  – Richard Papalian Developer

“Michael’s attention to detail is one of a kind. A complete masterpiece”  – Dane Cook Comedian-Actor

“Mike’s sense of cutting edge style yet integration with the surroundings is simply stunning. He has the innate talent to marry architectural design with interior design. His work is an experience and also gives an owner an inviting, comfortable living oasis. ” – Frank Cutler Oriole Drive Project Developer

“He is the best in the world at what he does hands down. ” – Steven Paul Writer-Producer-Actor

“Mike built our house 14 years ago and we still love it. In fact, we love it just as much today as we did when it was brand new. We think the world of his work. His attention to detail was very high and he completed it on time and he did it on budget. It’s a traditional home and was featured on “West Wing” as Jimmy Smits’ house. It was also Robert Duvall’s house in the movie “Kicking and Screaming” and we just had the house shot for a milk commercial with Salma Hayek. They all said the same thing – the designers work is impeccable.”
– Steve Phillipi – Attorney