In light of launching a new marketing campaign, it seems to be an appropriate time to discuss the business side of residential design and more specifically, ethics.
A key factor in residential design ethics has to do with a basic assumption: the client deserves to get what they are paying for. Numerous issues in practice can define an ethical designer. But what it really comes down to is the way a designer represents his clients. When a client entrusts their home, one of the most treasured investments, to a designer, their satisfaction and happiness is of the utmost importance.
The ethical designer may find that politics come into play. Say a long-term builder vendor forwards a designer a client referral. The designer then begins working with the client and designs a new kitchen into the plans. In this case, say the builder who referred the job is not the best candidate for the project. However, they referred the client, so do they deserve the job? In a choice of quality versus politics, ideally quality would win because it is in the best interest of the client. Having a well thought out conversation with that vendor is the best way to preserve that relationship as well as acting on the clients’ behalf. The best choice for the client is the right choice.
Again, clients deserve to receive exactly what it is they were promised. Not to mention, it is just good business. Manufacturers, subcontractors, showrooms and other vendors we deal with in this business have all strive to design product to assist Residential Designers our jobs. Maintaining integrity as a designer will only benefit relationships with both vendors and desirable clients and that is how Palumbo Design works.