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In the traditional method of developing a home, an owner contacts an architect to design the project, which would then be priced by contractors who have no input. After pricing, the contractors try to pitch the lowest bid to gain the contract over competitors, which can be more than the owner’s budget. This leads the owner to paying an architect again for a redesign in hope of finding a price within their budget. This is not cost effective, smart or efficient. It takes a master to coordinate the elements of a properly designed home to ensure that it gets done right and that happens with every Palumbo Design.

A Palumbo Design home can increase home value by 10% according to top real estate investment agents.


Spearhead & Lead Development:

  • We find the right property to purchase, renovate or build.
    Create a Return On Investment prospectus
    – (A Palumbo Design increases the value of the property 10% according to the top agents.)
    • Provide FULL DEVELOPMENT and spearhead the project from start to finish.
    • Welcome and find spec homes and development opportunities.
    • Bring in the right architect specific to the project.
    • Document existing conditions, floor plans and elevations.
    • Zoning, code and cost analysis and budget development.
    • Establish design vision.


  • Assemble a team of professionals for project specific needs
    Develop floor plans, exterior elevations, sections, interior elevations.
    • Select finishes, materials and do showroom visits.
    • Get subcontractor quotes and further budget development.
    • Solidify final design scheme, detail specifications, and revise fixed cost estimates.
    • Full design-build and interior design services for each project
    • Permit acquisition is done by independent permit expediters.

Project Manage:

  • Management services from start to finish, with an emphasis on communication between all professionals.
    Zero in on economical, green and timesaving project solutions.
    • Leverage multiple projects to ensure the highest quality workmanship and materials.
    • Solve problems before they happen

By combining comprehensive design, architectural and rennovation services, our commitment is maintained in providing unique design, exceptional craftsmanship, unsurpassed project management and customer service. Palumbo’s personal approach to home renovation ensures quality, meticulous attention to detail and superb finishes that have become hallmarks of Palumbo Design.